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I have been coming to this office for 25 years! That probably tells you a little something about how wonderful I think Dr. Ford and his staff are. I am always impressed with the degree of professionalism and everyone's kindness.
Julie Woods
I have told many of my friends and family that your dental office is inspirational to me as a business owner. Every single aspect of the business is in 100% integrity from the minute you walk into the door, til the time you leave. Thank you for your excellence!
Stephanie Scaggs
I am very impressed with Dr Ford's office from my very first visit and the office continues to impress me every visit. My first visit Dr. Ford sat down with me and spent a tremendous amount of time with me discussing my dental history and any concerns I may have. He informed me I would be treated the same way he treats his family members. I felt very comfortable. The hygienists in the office are wonderful. They are all very professional and always educated with the latest information. They always share with me any information they have. The entire office expresses so much concern for my well being. They are extremely efficent with cleanliness. Preventitive denistry is one of their main concerns. I recently had porcelain veneers and am extremely pleased. I receive compliments all the time.
Janet Alexander
Dr. Ford is one of the kindest most gentle men I know. I have traveled great distances over the last 22 years to be his patient. I just love him!
Pamela Vaughan-Beard
Dr. Ford is warm and friendly. He has a great staff. He is very caring and makes you feel you are his only patient. I look forward to my appointments. His work is great.
Dorthy Bandel
At the time I decided to get dental implants I was 67 years old. I had struggled over many years with gum disease and had three total gingivectomys and was considering yet another. I was losing teeth at an alarming rate. I had numerous crowns and bridges. A friend of the family recommended that I see Dr. Ford. After careful consideration I permitted Dr. Ford and the surgeon Dr. Foltz to proceed with the implants with the following stipulations; 
1. I did not want to be conscious during the procedures. 
2. I wanted to have a nice smile throughout the time. 
3. I wanted to have as little pain as possible. 
Dr. Ford and his team did a wonderful job meeting all of my stipulations. I could not be more pleased with my teeth. Good gum health is much easier for me now. I can't thank Dr. Ford and his team enough for giving me the best teeth that I never had before.
John H. Nelson